Promega Building


3 Story 280,000 square foot research and development facility


Fitchburg, WI

productS used:

Carbon and Stainless Steel Top Entry Valves from Apollo Valves


The contractor and Promega required critical service valves for their internal processes.  Fourmation Sales assisted with selection and Apollo Valve supplied both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Top Entry designed valves to satisfy specification requirements and to provide simplified in-line maintenance when the need arises for repair and maintenance.  The Top Entry designed valves are Made in USA and are highly engineered and allow the valve to be maintained as an integral part of the piping system and can be serviced without the need to remove the valve from the line.  This design allows for quick turnaround during maintenance and provides the end user the peace of mind to get their crucial services back up and running.  Approximately 300 total valves installed both flanged and socket weld.

Reach out to Fourmation Sales with any valve application our specialist will be able to assist.