Pillager Carwash


Pillager Carwash


Pillager, MN

productS used:

IBC SL 14-115 and Uponor Infloor Heat and Snowmelt


Sportsman’s Plumbing and Heating did a great job piping this project.  FourMation Sales provided layout piping/wiring diagram and assisted contractor with commissioning boiler.  They are utilizing Uponor Snowmelt Control with automatic senor on the exit to enable both pumps that serve the entrance and exit snowmelt.  They also used Uponor Touchscreen Control with slab sensor to control and maintain temperature to the infloor heat in the carwash.  The beauty of the IBC SL control is that it can enable and control (4) zone pumps plus a boiler pump.  The owner liked the fact he could monitor the boiler remote utilizing built in internet connectivity.  If you need sizing or equipment selection on your next project please reach out to us at FourMation we will be glad to assist.