Luther Seminary


Luther Seminary


Saint Paul, MN

productS used:

(6) IBC SL 40-399 with Multiplex Back to Back Rack System


Metropolitan Mechanical Contractor did a wonderful job piping these (6) IBC Condensing Boilers which equates to 2,394,000 BTU with a minimum fire rate of 40,000 BTU.  There is a real labor savings potential in IBC’s pre-engineered rack system as you just bolt the rack to the ground, hang the boilers and assemble header and pump kits.  There would have been no way for larger boilers to get into this space so FourMation worked closely with Dunham Engineering and Luther Seminary during preconstruction so everything went smoothly during construction.  Fourmation Sales is here to make it easy for you, please contact us and let us help you on your next project.