AC MarriotT West End


AC Marriott West End


St. Louis Park, MN

productS used:

(4) IBC SL 40-399 Condensing Boilers, Multiplex Rack and (4) IBC 115XHO Indirect Water Heaters


This is another great piping project by Great West Mechanical two thumbs and a round of applause.  The (4) of IBC’s Extra High Output Tanks can absorb 1,712,000 BTU with this piping configuration and the building delivering 115°F, we are capable of getting 2,950-gallon first hour rating, which is amazing for an indirect tank. Wiring is simple on this set-up each tank has an aquastat and pump which will wire back to the master boiler pump terminals and thermostat connection, with IBC SL and EX Series boilers we can control (4) load pumps with no additional controls.  When an aquastat is calling that respective pump will be running and boilers will modulate on as needed for demand.  If you would like additional details on wiring and piping any of our boilers please contact the hydronic specialists at FourMation Sales.