Claremont Colony Boilers


Claremont Colony


Castlewood, SD

productS used:

(2) 2,000,000 BTU Raypak XVers 2006 Boilers


These (2) 2,000,000 BTU Raypak XVers 2006 Boilers supply heat to (5) outbuildings almost 200,000 square feet housing turkeys.  The head mechanic likes the fact he can monitor these boilers day and night, make adjustments to the system, and insure the turkeys are maintained at a comfortable temperature, this is due to on all XVers Boilers they a standard Feature Raymote Internet Connectivity.  FourMation Sales assisted with the initial piping diagram and project commissioning which consisted of programing and combustion analysis.   Please reach and to the experts at FourMation Sales with any boiler design and application questions you may have.