Edgewood Senior Living


Edgewood Senior Living


Grand Forks, ND


(4) 850,000 BTU IBC EX Condensing Boilers & (2) IWT 119MAX High Output Indirect Tanks


Wonderful use of IBC’s EX Condensing Boilers which inputs 3,400,000 BTU for heating this large senior housing project.  The two option out indirect domestic water heaters produce a whooping 1,506 gallons first hour rating, the beauty is we are utilizing the boiler plant to produce the domestic hot water.  This was a huge cost savings to contractor as there was no need to provide gas, vent and air to separate pieces of equipment.  FourMation Sales was involved with project from initial design to commissioning, please reach out with any project you need assistance on let the experts at FourMation Sales make your job go seamless.