Kibble Equipment


Kibble Equipment



productS used:

(2) IBC SL 26-260 & (1) IBC SL 30-199


Another great looking piping boiler installation by Kaduce Plumbing & Heating at the Kibble John Deere Equipment Building in Mankato. FourMation Sales assited with the design and ensured the electrician had the right wiring schemetic to properly wire these boilers. As you can see we are mixing sizes of boilers to match the building load. Boiler #3 is the option out boiler so, when they have a call for DHW, boiler #3 will heat the indirect tank, while boilers #1 & #2 will continue to heat building load, when DHW is satisfied it will come back to heat the building load. When it was time to comission these boilers we meet the installer onsite and ensured they were programmed correctly and combustion was correct. Please reach out with your next boiler project and let the hydronic specialist at FourMation Sales assit you with your heating needs.