Press Fittings


At FourMation we are all about keeping up with the latest in technology.  We are proud to partner with “Apollo” Valves on their Press and PowerPress press connection lines.  Available in a variety of products and sizes, with lead-free options available. Press connections are a proven combination that provides economical installation and reliable service for potable water applications.

“Apollo” Valves Powerpress is designed to be used with Schedule 10 through 40 thick wall steel pipe (black steel, galvanized steel, and epoxy coated steel). Our products feature a patented, color-coded, Visual Inspection Ring (VIR) that clearly indicates when a connection has been pressed. Our innovative VIR technology not only provides installers double assurance when identifying un-pressed connections, it also optimally positions the pipe while pressing, significantly reducing pipe deflection for a far straighter and cleaner press connection.