Sartell City Hall


Sartell City Hall


Sartell, MN


(2) IBC SL 40-399 Condensing Boilers with Stand & 1-1/2″ BMXT Boiler Mag


Precise Plumbing and Heating with another great install.  We have (2) IBC SL 40-399 Boilers with IBC Free Standing Boiler Stand which provides redundancy for the city hall building.  Since the installation was replacing a old boiler system, Precise flushed thoroughly, but they like to go the extra mile as they know the importance or water quality and what a dirty system will do to equipment and efficiency so they installed a 1-1/2″ BoilerMag on the return to each boiler.  This ensures constant cleaning and protection of boiler, pumps and the complete hydronic system.

For Boiler layout, design or start-up assistance please call us at FourMation Sales and talk to one of our hydronic heating specialist, we will be happy to assist on your next project.