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Eden Prairie, MN

productS used:

Uponor Snowmelt/Radiant piping hePEX and Uponor Ecoflex Distribution Piping


FourMation Sales worked closely with Trogstad Engineering on initial design and layout or project.  MMC was awarded project and Uponor & FourMation Sales completed design work which consisted of 34,819 SqFt of Snowmelt and 5,567 SqFt of Radiant Floor Heat, which equates to around 84,500′ of Uponor’s hePEX piping.  To get to the remote manifolds FourMation recommended the use of Uponor’s Ecoflex which is very fast to install and able to route around objects effortlessly with no additional joints or couplings.  For this project MMC installed 1,060′ of 2″ Twin Ecoflex. Let FourMation Sales Assist in Engineering your next Snowmelt & Radiant Systems.